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"I would like have to give this guy a 5 stars and greater for his service and personality. His communication is impeccable and service was fast and quick. As a single mother Im use to professionals taking advantage of me when it comes to prices and the work they doing. His prices are very affordable and he was very honest and true. I’m glad I called him I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you!!!!"

Leslie S.

Air Conditioning Services

AC Installations

Here in Louisiana, it's essential to make sure your air conditioner is in optimal shape to run dependably and efficiently. When summer and heavy humidity season starts, the last thing you need is an AC unit malfunctioning.

At Jessie's A/C & Heating, we can help you find a suitable AC unit for your unique needs. Our professional team will provide a stress-free and the highest quality service for a reliable installation. We will perform a flawless technical installation of your new unit. With our team at your side, your home will be able to fight the worst of the Louisiana summer heat while saving energy!

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Thermostats Add-on

Adding a smart thermostat to your home is a perfect way to save money on utility expenses year-long. A smart thermostat figures out your behavior and knows when you leave the house, allowing it to change temperatures accordingly.

Have the ability to control your home from a distance and fine-tune temperature settings from almost wherever as you get information on your energy use in real-time. Some thermostats are compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control the thermostat with voice commands. Others include room sensors, which can reduce hot and cold spots. Take the first step with a free home comfort assessment from us. Our experts can suggest and put in the best solution for your home.

AC Repairs

Recognize the early signs of air conditioning issues so we can help you as soon as possible. The better you notice things are off with your cooling system, the faster our team can resolve the problem.

AC Noises & Odors

You are probably used to the familiar rumble of your air conditioners. If you notice unusual sounds or odd smells that aren't part of your AC's typical performance, don't let that squealing noise go unattended. It's a perfect combination for poor indoor air quality. Ask for professional assistance from the best AC repair service team. You could avoid a major disaster by calling us.

Warm Air From AC

Do you feel like your air conditioning unit is not delivering frosty cool air to your home anymore? Don't suffer through it! There are several simple repairs we can make to get your home comfortable. An air conditioning that uses energy but does not cool the air is a waste of time and money, so let us fix it!

Inconsistent Airflow

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit fails to give you a robust and steady flow of cool air? Maybe your ductwork could be blocking the airflow, or it could be that your AC unit's inner components could be in trouble too. Let our pros find out the issue and repair it quickly and effectively.

Leaking Air Conditioning System

Besides some typical condensation accumulation, your air conditioning shouldn't produce enough liquid to leak on your floor. If you notice a water leak, we can help.

Rising Energy Bills

Did you get an unexplained spike in energy usage? Maybe your air conditioner is striving to keep up with demand. Our technician can pinpoint what has caused so much inefficiency and get your unit back on track!

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"Started having issues on a A/C unit that was installed by a different contractor, who was unable to identify or fix the problem after 4 separate appointments. Decided it was time to find someone who actually knew what they were doing. Jessie came to the rescue! Called him and he came out the very next day. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and was able to immediately target and repair the problem. He even stayed after fixing the unit, to make sure that the problem didn’t recur. Will definitely use Jessie’s A/C & Heating for any future problems and recommend him highly!"

Hannah J.

Heating Services

Furnace Installation

Having your HVAC system examined by an expert is essential to avoid future problems or needless repairs. Our team can help you to get the right size of HVAC unit for your needs. Too large or little can affect your gas bill and ongoing efficiency.

A new Trane furnace installation.Some furnace burner flames.

Furnace Repairs

We can properly diagnose any heating issue you may be experiencing. Contact our team today and find out how is your system's health.

Furnace Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is the best way to increase its efficiency. We can help with routine tune-ups that will give your heating system a longer life cycle, run correctly and provide the highest efficiency possible.

A furnace panel opened.

Don't wait any longer!

A minor issue could cause significant problems that are much more inconvenient and more expensive to repair. Avoid permanent damage to your AC system and make an appointment today to have it repaired as soon as possible. Have peace of mind; you are in good hands.

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